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About Us

Location: 5923 North 5th St., Philadelphia, PA 19120

The Law Office of Samira Sulemana serves a multicultural clientele and is ready to protect the rights of individuals and their families by providing honest, compassionate and accessible legal representation.

Unlike your previous experience with other attorneys, you may be surprised to find that at The Law Office of Samira Sulemana, we speak your language, not legalese. Bottom line – we understand exactly where you are coming from. We not only translate complex legal concepts into plain English and other languages like French, Hausa, Twi and Ga, we will also explain exactly what they mean to you.

Our firm will take prompt action on your behalf, deftly navigating the confusion most clients face until we achieve the best possible outcome to your legal situation. Samira Sulemana’s qualifications and skills as a Nurse Attorney places her in a unique position to listen, understand, and be responsive to all your legal needs.

Do you have questions about Immigration Law, Personal Injury, Family Law, or Criminal Law? Do you have questions about a specific legal issue or require legal representation? Let The Law Office of Samira Sulemana put their expertise to work for you.

Contact us today at (215) 320-7455 or (856) 267-0123. We are here to help.

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